Center-Based Treatment

Contemporary approaches to behavioral treatment include peer interaction and community integration right from the beginning. Center-based behavioral treatment programs are an appealing option for families who would like their child to access comprehensive services outside of the home setting.

The Wisconsin Early Autism Project uses effective and progressive strategies for the behavioral treatment of autism.  As leaders in comprehensive treatment, the Wisconsin Early Autism Project established a center-based treatment option for preschool aged children.  The center-based treatment option takes the essential components of a home-based program, and pairs it with the additional benefits of a state-of-the-art setting, peer-enriched learning opportunities, and continued partnership with parents and caregivers.

Participation in center-based behavioral treatment at the Friendship Tree provides your child the opportunity to make significant, life-changing gains, with the first steps of peer-integration and school-readiness built into the early stages of comprehensive treatment.

The Wisconsin Early Autism Project implements its center-based treatment programs at the Friendship Tree, located near our Madison clinic.  The Friendship Tree is a licensed autism treatment center that can meet the needs of children with autism.  Your child’s Treatment Plan will include an individualized curriculum that addresses essential communication, play, social, pre-academic and functional life skills.

When your child’s center-based treatment program is delivered at the Friendship Tree, your child will have access to multiple learning opportunities in a variety of enriched and well-resourced environments.  Your child will have access to:

  • A 52 week per year preschool

  • Individual, distraction free learning rooms with high quality toys

  • Spacious, group learning classrooms

  • A 1200 square foot gymnasium

  • A 350 square foot sensory room

  • An enclosed playground with secured equipment and pedal toys

If you think your child might be affected by autism and could benefit from center-based treatment, contact our Intake Department to arrange for a Diagnostic or Initial Evaluation.  For information about our center-based treatment program, the Friendship Tree click here.
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