Home-Based Treatment

Early, comprehensive, home-based behavioral treatment gives children the opportunity to access specialized support to learn and grow in a safe, meaningful, and personalized way.  

The Wisconsin Early Autism Project specializes in the delivery of comprehensive early intensive treatment programs to pre-school aged children.  By delivering treatment in your home, we work closely with your family to give your child the opportunity to learn new skills in the context in which they will be used.  Home-based treatment also provides the opportunity for parents and caregivers to be active participants in the delivery of the treatment plan, as well as the expansion of the plan into community settings. Our treatment team will visit your home daily, to provide up to 40 hours of one-to-one teaching.   Our home visits are designed to maximize your child’s learning opportunities through a range of motivating activities, including play time, structured learning time, and family support time. 

Your child’s home-based treatment program will be designed based upon the Diagnostic Evaluation, Initial Assessment, Parent Interview, and Curriculum-Based Assessments.  

requests is an ongoing priority.  Over time, the treatment plan expands to all areas, including the social use of language, school readiness, and self-care.  Family members become involved in treatment as the plan addresses such important skills as toilet training, appropriate mealtime behavior, and play with siblings.


Your treatment team includes several Behavioral Treatment Technicians, who deliver the one-to-one sessions in your home.  Our technicians are trained and supervised by a Behavioral Treatment Therapist, who manages the team, ensures effective delivery of teaching strategies, and updates the teaching programs.  Finally, a Licensed Supervisor oversees the development and implementation of the treatment plan.

Home-Based behavioral treatment is the first step towards giving your child the life-long skills of interaction, integration and independence. 

As your child progresses through behavioral treatment, they will be given planned opportunities to develop their peer interaction skills.  Our treatment team can facilitate play dates between your child, their siblings, and other friends and family.  Our treatment team can accompany your child to community-based, peer enriched activities, such as Park-and-Recreation programs.  Our clinics offer structured group learning classes, which your child can attend with the support of a home-team member.  This planned approach to peer interaction and community integration allows your child to generalize their treatment gains to new people, in new places as they prepare for integration into a school-based program.

Your treatment team will follow a carefully designed treatment plan that is individualized to the needs of your child and family.  The plan will include developmentally appropriate skill acquisition targets, such as following basic instructions, playing with toys, and attending to tasks; the ability to use appropriate communication skills to make 

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